Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scotch Eggs - Huevos Escoceses

This is two breakfasts rolled into one...eggs wrapped in sausages - yes please!

Scotch Eggs

  • 4 hard-boiled eggs, peeled
  • 500 grams pork sausage meat
  • 1 tablespoon plain flour
  • Pinch salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon crushed thyme leaves (dried)
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 egg, well beaten
  • 60g fine bread crumbs
  • Oil for frying

Mix the sausage meat with flour, thyme, salt and pepper to taste, mix well.  Divide into 4 portions.

Roll the hard boiled eggs into flour.  Wrap the mixture around the egg (don't leave any gaps).

Mix the water and egg and roll each hardboiled egg wrapped in mixture and then roll in the breadcrumb.  Do this twice and make sure the breadcrumbs cover all the mixture.

Deep fry the eggs until they are golden brown.  Drain and serve warm. 

Don't forget to watch the live recipes on Cocina de Mama's YouTube channel.

Cocinar, comer y ser feliz!


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